• Transportation: Student Rights & Responsiblities

    1. While the law permits the School District to furnish transportation, it does not relieve parents of students from exercising responsibility and supervision until such time as the child boards the bus in the morning and after the child leaves the bus at the end of the school day.
    2. Pupils must be at the bus stop no less than five (5) minutes nor more than ten (10) minutes before the scheduled bus arrival time. If the school bus does not arrive at the bus stop on time because of mechanical failure, road or weather conditions, the pupil is expected to wait a reasonable length of time (at least 1/2 hour in inclement weather), then return to his/her home and contact the school. Whether the school bus is on time or late, the bus will not stop if there is no indication of pupils being at that stop.

    Behavior at the Bus Stop
    1. Students should go directly from home to the bus stop using good safety practices when walking in areas where sidewalks are not provided.
    2. Students should arrive at the bus stop no earlier than (10) minutes before their bus is scheduled to arrive. Parents should be aware of this rule and are encouraged to cooperate.
    3. Students should remain in the designated waiting areas, paying very special attention to the rights of property owners in the vicinity.
    4. Students, as they arrive at the bus stop, should get in line, wait a reasonable and safe distance from the roadway, and use the concept of good school and community citizenship while waiting for the bus.
    5. Students should board the bus in a quiet, orderly manner, taking their seats immediately.
    6. When leaving the bus, students should exit the bus in a quiet, orderly manner and proceed directly to their home or to their assigned areas in school.