• Transportation Policy

    Guidelines for Carry-On and Student Personal Items
    1) The school bus driver shall not allow any live animals, firearms, explosives, or anything of a dangerous or objectionable nature on the bus while transporting students.
    2) Gym bags, band instruments or any school project shall not be placed in the aisles or areas near the entrance/exit door. Items of this nature must not be allowed on the bus unless they can be held on the pupil's lap without endangering the safety of other pupils.
    3) In general, any items not able to be held in the lap or between knees and any dangerous items are prohibited. The following list further specifies items.

    Transporting of Musical Instruments in Buses
    1) Only instruments which can be held on the lap or between the knees should be carried onto the bus. This would include violins, flutes, oboes, trombones, etc.; these would be considered "lap" or "between the knees" instruments.
    2) Large cellos, sousaphones, bass drums etc., all of which are "non-lap," should not be allowed on the buses.
    3) No instrument, large or small, should occupy any space in the aisle or a seat space.
    4) Instruments are not to be removed from their carrying case while on the way to or from school, field trip, athletic event.

    Potentially Dangerous Items
    1) No glass jars or aquarium or other glass items will be permitted on the buses. Broken glass could create an unsafe situation. Additional items, such as flammable materials, knives or other sharp objects, etc. are prohibited.
    2) The driver has the right to refuse students or any other person with any non-lap or potentially dangerous items. If transportation of the above items is necessary for school, parents should make arrangements to transport the items.

    Behavior on School Buses and Vans
    Because the driver must keep his or her attention upon the highway and the operation of his or her vehicle, the driver cannot jeopardize the safety of all students riding the bus because of the behavior of a few. Therefore, the following regulations will be strictly enforced:

    1. No student shall throw, shoot squirt guns, or otherwise impel any paper, metal, or other substance in or around the school bus.
    2. No student shall use loud or profane language in or around the school bus.
    3. No student shall indulge in pushing, fighting or other unruly behavior in or around the school bus.
    4. No student shall deliberately disobey, abuse or otherwise show disrespect for the driver of the vehicle.
    5. All students shall remain seated at all times while on the bus and keep the aisle clear.
    6. Students shall not raise or lower the windows at any time without first receiving permission from the driver. Students shall not throw anything out of the bus window. Students shall always keep hands, heads and arms inside the bus at all times.
    7. No student shall deliberately mar, deface or tamper with any part of the vehicle (bus). Damage will be paid for by the individual.
    8. There shall be no smoking in or around any school vehicle at any time. Lighting of matches or lighters in or around a school vehicle is prohibited.
    9. There shall be no drinking of soda, milk, or any other beverage on the bus unless permitted by the driver. Privileges, previously granted, may be revoked by the driver.
    10. There shall be no littering from the vehicle or in the vehicle. Students are not to throw paper or debris on the floor of the bus.
    11. Students shall be courteous to fellow pupils and driver.
    12. The driver has similar authority in the vehicle as the teacher in the classroom.