• The educational program at the Lengel Middle School is designed to provide all of our students with the opportunity to strengthen and expand their knowledge of the basic skills needed for them to be successful in high school. We also attempt to provide students with an opportunity to explore courses in the arts, languages, music, and technology.

    The Lengel School consists of grades five through eight. We have approximately 780 students enrolled at Lengel. Our fifth grade students are in a self-contained classroom where they have the same teacher for ELA (English Language Arts), math, science,  and social studies. The students in grade six, seven, and eight have different teachers for those subjects. All students are given an opportunity to experience our exploratory subjects that include art, music, physical education, and technology. In addition, we provide instruction in Spanish as well as computer literacy, health, library, and guidance. We believe that by having the fifth grade students self-contained for most subjects we can make the transition from an elementary school setting to a middle school setting easier for the student.

    The Lengel Middle School has numerous activities in which the student can become involved. In addition to interscholastic athletics (basketball, football, track and field, wrestling), we offer Band, Choir, Art Club, Spanish Club, Cheerleading, 24 Club, 3-D Printing Club, Ecology Club, as well as Spelling Bee. Our students broadcast our morning announcements via our school wide television system.

    We have an accelerated education program in grades seven and eight as well as Gifted Support program in all grades. Instructional support services are available. There are several learning support classes, a life skills class, and a multi-handicapped class in our school.