• Pottsville Area School District Health Program

    The main focus of the Pottsville Area School District health program and goal of the nursing staff is to provide preventive school health services for the children of our district. The administration of mandated screenings and examinations initiates early detection of existing and/or potential health problems allowing immediate referral and follow-up services. First aid and emergency care are provided by the health staff to meet the needs of the students during the school day. Every effort will be made to provide support and assistance to students, parents, and staff for the optimal health and safety of our children.

    Health services provided: 

    • School nurse service
    • Physical exams in grades K, 6, & 11
    • Growth and vision screening annually
    • Hearing screening in grades K, 1, 2, 3, 7, & 11
    • Scoliosis screening in grades 6 & 7
    • Dental exams in grades 1, 3, & 7
    • Assessment of required immunizations

    How to Work with Your School Nurse 

    1. Make sure the nurse has your latest phone numbers. Accurate phone numbers are the critical link between the child's parents and the school.
    2. Keep your child's immunizations up to date.
    3. Update your child's medical records. If your child receives any additional immunizations, is exposed to a communicable disease, or undergoes a surgical procedure, please pass that information along to the school nurse.
    4. If your child has any allergies or chronic conditions, the nurse must be updated.
    5. If possible, share with the nurse any major developments at home that might have an effect on your child's behavior at school.

    6. A parent may request to be present during screenings. This request must be made to the nurse prior to the end of the second week of school.
    7. A parent may decline mandated state screenings by submitting a written letter to the school nurse prior to the end of the
    second week of school.

    8. A student who requires the use of the elevator or a 2 minute pass, due to an injury must present a note from the doctor to the school nurse.


    Medication Policy

    1. Medications will be administered in the school setting for the children of the Pottsville Area School District by the direct written order of a physician or, on a short term basis, by the written consent of a parent or legal guardian for non-prescription medications only.
    2. All written orders given to the school nurse shall state:
         a. Child's Name
         b. Name of Medication
         c. Dosage to be given and method of administration
         d. Time medication is to be given
         e. Duration
         f.  Possible side effects

    3. Medication should be delivered to the nurse by the parent or guardian. The medication must be in the original bottle with the label identifying it. The medication permission form must be filled out with the proper signatures and given to the nurse along with the medication. (No medication sent in bags or envelopes will be administered.)
    4. We strongly recommend, if at all possible, medication should be administered at home rather than in school.

    5. A parent is required to transport all prescription medication, and the note from the doctor for administration of prescription medications, to and from school. Students are permitted to transport only over the counter medications.


    Health Services

    Changes to Immunization Regulations went into effect 2011-12 School Year. The Pennsylvania Department of Health now REQUIRES the following Immunizations for the start of the School Year:

    1. A Second dose of Varicella (chicken pox) vaccine is required for all students in grades Kindergarten to 12.
    2. A dose of Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis) vaccine is required at age 11 and to enter 7th grade.
    3. A dose of Meningitis vaccine is required at age 11 and to enter 7th grade.
    Please provide a current, up to date copy of your child’s immunization record to the School Nurse today.
    Your child may not enter school without written evidence of the required immunizations.