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    Just a reminder to all: 

    Attendance Policy:  The state is monitoring student attendance and has strict guidelines for compliance.  We are scrutinizing absences and tardies very closely in order to meet these guidelines. The policy in its entirety can be found on the district website, but the following excerpts of the attendance policy are very important:

    • “A maximum of ten (10) days of cumulative lawful absences verified by parental notification shall be permitted during a school year. All absences beyond ten (10) cumulative days shall require an excuse from a licensed physician.”
    • “Students with excessive unexcused tardies and absences will not be eligible for Work Study or Senior Lounge and may forfeit their right to participate in extracurricular activities including, but not limited to, athletics, concerts, dances, commencement exercises, etc.”
    • “No approval of non-school district sponsored educational trips or tours will be granted at the following times during the school year:
    1. During the first or last ten (10) days of the school year.
    2. During the administration of achievement tests or statewide assessments tests.”

    We also would like to remind you that the high school requires a note AND A call for absences every day.

    College Visits: if a student attends a college visit their parent/guardian must 1 -call the school in the morning to report the absence, 2 - the parent/guardian must write a note when the student is returning, AND 3 - the student MUST bring a note from the college they attended stating that they were there on that date! Students are responsible for all missed work.

    Thanks for your cooperation.



    IIf you are physically going to a college or University to visit during the school year, then remember to have your parent/guardian call you off in the morning and bring back something from the Post-Secondary school you visited stating that you did visit that day. Students are


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    The District places SAT scores on your transcripts. However, certain schools like Penn State and organizations such as NCAA Eligibility Center will only take your scores from Collegeboard!!! Please remember to send your scores directly to them when you register for your SAT exam!!!!

    Pitt is a test-friendly institution

    As the students you are advising are taking their junior year SATs and ACTs and deciding whether they would like to retake a test in their senior year, we wanted to share some information with you about how we look at test scores at Pitt.

    We are a test-friendly institution. At Pitt, that means will use the highest SAT superscore or ACT composite score when reviewing a student’s application for admission. When looking at the SAT, we will superscore the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing subscore and the Mathematics subscore. Students are not required to submit SAT Essay or ACT Writing test scores.

    Because we will use the highest of the SAT superscore or the highest ACT composite, we encourage students to take their preferred tests more than once and to submit multiple scores.

    For more information about any aspect of the Pitt application process, we encourage you to check out our website or contact us at 412-624-7488 or oafa@pitt.edu.