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    Pottsville Area Little League

    Pottsville Area Little League has baseball playing opportunities open to children from the ages 4 through 12 years old. The league holds online and in-person sign-ups in December and January each year. The regular season runs from March through June with selected All Stars continuing in June and July.


    Tee Ball = Ages 4-7 years old

    Minor League = Ages 7-11 are eligible

    Major Division = Ages 9-12 are eligible



    Website: https://clubs.bluesombrero.com/pottsvilleareall

    Email: PottsvilleAreaLittleLeague@gmail.com

    Facebook: Pottsville Area Little League



    President: Matt Harrison

    Vice President: Mark Chiccini

    Secretary: Rob Lynn

    Treasurer: Mark Kaylan

    Player Agent: John Verdensky

    Information Officer: Jamie O’Brien

    Safety Officer: Kelly Chapman

    LL Commissioner: Matt Spiess

    ML Commissioner: Bobby Bayer

    Tee Ball Commissioner: Gary Brennan

    Coaching Coordinator: Joe Quirk

    Umpire In-Chief: Jeremy Maroukis