For more information contact Mr. Eric Rismiller, Athletics Director.

    Attention:  Student Athletes, Parents/Guardians,  Vacation /Travel plans to restricted states


     Athletic Event Tickets

    Tickets for admission to Pottsville Area School District athletic events are usually available at the entrance to the event. Several discount ticket plans also exist.
    All varsity games are - Adults $6.00 and Students $3.00.  (such as Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Track, etc.) with the exception to playoff games. Those playoff event prices are subject to change.
    All J.V./Junior High games are now $3.00 for Adults, and $2.00 for Students.  (such as 9 th Grade Football, 7-8 th Girls’ Basketball, Jr. High Track, etc.)

    Spectator Policy

    All Pottsville Area athletic events are governed by the rules set forth by the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association. In the interest of promoting good sportsmanship, courtesy to the athletes, and respect for the rights of all people, we expect all fans to govern their behavior accordingly. Unruly or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and may lead to expulsion from the event and, if appropriate, criminal prosecution.