• Safety and Security


    Safety & Security Coordinator

    Jared A. Gerace Ed.D.

    Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

    Safety and Security Coordinator


    1501 West Laurel Boulevard

    Pottsville, PA 17901

    Telephone (570) 621-7684

    Please contact Dr. Gerace with any questions about the School Police Officers (SPOs).  Families are encouraged to communicate with Dr. Gerace to discuss school safety issues after consulting with the appropriate building administrator(s).

    Threat Assessment Teams for each building use a structured group process to evaluate the risk posed by a student or another person, typically as a response to an actual or perceived threat or concerning behavior.  The team follows the process developed by the Secret Service and seeks to make an informed judgment.  

    Pottsville Area High School

    Mrs. Tiffany Hummel - PAHS Principal

    Mr. Jeromy Guistwite - PAHS Assistant Principal

    Mrs. Eleanor Aschman - PAHS Supervisor of Special Education

    Mr. Raymond Yost - PAHS Dean of Students

    Mrs. Angela Holobetz - PAHS School Nurse

    Mrs. Jill O'Toole - PAHS Social Worker

    Mrs. Cindy Stasulli - PAHS School Guidance Counselor

    Mr. John Gradwell - PAHS School Guidance Counselor

    Ms. Kayla Peters - PAHS School Guidance Counselor

    Mr. Robert Workman - Juvenile Probation Officer


    DHHL Middle School

    Dr. Caitlin Mohl - DHHL Principal

    Mr. Phil Kissinger - DHHL Assistant Principal

    Ms. Kelly Brennan - Director of Special Education

    Mrs. Lisa Holobetz - DHHL Dean of Students

    Ms. Corinne Zimmerman - DHHL School Psychologist

    Mrs. Danita Sippel - DHHL School Nurse

    Mrs. Jennifer Brant - DHHL School Counselor, CADC

    Ms. Alison Parker - DHHL School Guidance Counselor

    Mrs. Miranda Schultz - DHHL School Guidance Counselor

    Mr. Robert Workman - Juvenile Probation Officer


    JSC Elementary Center

    Ms. Kerri Lubinsky - JSC Principal

    Mr. Stan Sabol - JSC Assistant Principal

    Mrs. Julie Saunders - Supervisor of Special Education

    Ms. Christine Schuebel - JSC School Psychologist

    Mrs. Carrie Selinko - JSC School Nurse

    Mrs. Migdalia Gunoskey - JSC Social Worker

    Mr. John Pettit - JSC School Guidance Counselor

    Mr. Robert Workman - Juvenile Probation Officer