• The Pottsville Area School District holds its meetings on the second Wednesday of each month beginning at 7:00 p.m. at the D.H.H. Lengel Middle School Auditorum, 1541 West Laurel Boulevard, Pottsville, Pennsylvania 17901, unless otherwise posted or advertised. 
    The School Board Directors invite and encourage attendance at all meetings of the Board.

    The School Board will strive to answer questions pertaining to the current agenda at the beginning of the school board meeting, in a conscious effort to maintain transparent practices.  After the School Board agenda is posted online, questions may be emailed to plombel@pottsville.k12.pa.us by 2:00 PM the day of the meeting. Questions pertaining to the agenda posted online will be answered in the order received for a period not to exceed 30 minutes.  If the questions are not able to be answered during the 30-minute period, the school board will endeavor to answer the questions at the beginning of the next school board meeting.  Questions pertaining to confidential personnel matters will not be addressed.  Questions that require some research or further inquiry might not be answered at the current school board meeting. The question answer period does not replace the public’s current right to public comment.”

    Visitor Handout

    2021 School Board Meeting Dates:
    March 10
    April 14
    May 19
    June 9
    July 14
    August 11
    September 8
    October 13
    November 10
    December TBD


     Member List

    Mr. Noble Quandel Jr. - President
    Dr. Ann Blankenhorn- Vice-President
    Mrs Patricia A. Lombel - Secretary
    Ms. Linda Wytovich -Treasurer
    Mr. Kevin Reid Esq.-Solicitor