• The Pottsville Area School District transports approximately 2300 students to and from school every day. We offer transportation to John S. Clarke Elementary students. Middle School and High School students must meet Department of Education reimbursement mileage requirements to be transported. There are exceptions for hazardous routes (as declared by PennDot). We also provide transportation to Pottsville Area School District resident students who attend certain non-public schools and who meet mileage requirements.

    Every year, a day or two before the start of the school year, we have a practice bus ride for all new kindergarten students at the John S. Clarke Elementary Center. The purpose of this trip is to acquaint your child with the experience of riding the school bus and to visit his/her new classroom before the first regular school day. We welcome and encourage parents to participate with your child on this practice bus ride. You will be given more detailed information on this when you register your child for kindergarten.

    Any changes in transportation for the start of the new school year should be reported by August 1. August is our busiest month and we appreciate your patience should you need any changes before the start of school. During the school year we require at least 24-hour notice to make a change in your child's transportation. Temporary bus tickets can be issued the same day in case of an emergency.

    The Pottsville Area School District owns its own buses. We do not have to contract out to busing companies. This gives us total control of our bus schedule. Before we add any new stops to our schedule, we contact local police to study the stop to ensure safety.

    Although Saint Clair High School students attend our High School, the Saint Clair Area School District is responsible to transport their students to Pottsville Area High School. If you are a Saint Clair Area School District resident and have questions concerning the transportation of your child to Pottsville Area High School, you should contact the Saint Clair Area School District.

    We take the transportation of our students very seriously. Therefore we demand that student behavior on the bus and at the bus stop be appropriate at all times to assure the safety of all students.

    Any changes in your child's bus ticket or any questions concerning the bus schedule should be directed to (570) 621-2949.


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