District Personnel

First Name Last Name Title Department Phone Email
Sarah Yoder Superintendent 570-621-2908 seyoder@pottsville.k12.pa.us
Stacy Stair Business Manager Business Office 570-621-2904 sstair@pottsville.k12.pa.us
Jared Gerace Director of Curriculum & Instruction Curriculum (570) 621-7684 jgerace@pottsville.k12.pa.us
Krista Bevan Asst. Business Manager Business Office 570-621-2905 kbevan@pottsville.k12.pa.us
Patrick Brennan Alt. Education Special Education 570-622-3264 pbrennan@pottsville.k12.pa.us
Andrew Diehl Director Technology 570-621-2982 adiehl@pottsville.k12.pa.us
Lisa Eckley Director Food Services 570-621-2910 leckley@pottsville.k12.pa.us
Sophia Felker Payroll Business Office 570-621-2912 sfelker@pottsville.k12.pa.us
JoEllen Gipe Secretary Food Services 570-621-2026 jgipe@pottsville.k12.pa.us
Michelle Goodman Secretary Attendance/PIMS 570-621-2914 mgoodman@pottsville.k12.pa.us
Maria Larish Federal Programs Coordinator and Instructional Coach Curriculum 570-621-2024 mlarish@pottsville.k12.pa.us
Lee Ann Morgan Accounts Receivable Business Office 570-621-2906 lmorgan@pottsville.k12.pa.us
Joshua Moyer IT Support Specialist Technology 570-624-4780 jmoyer@pottsville.k12.pa.us
Brent Hinkle IT Support Specialist Technology 570-621-7679 bhinkle@pottsville.k12.pa.us
Renee Scharadin Benefits Specialist / Bookkeeper Business Office 570-624-4781 rscharadin@pottsville.k12.pa.us
Jacqueline Szeliga Data Manager / Child Accounting Coordinator Attendance 570-621-2915 jszeliga@pottsville.k12.pa.us
Mark Van Stone Network Administrator Technology 570-621-2043 mvanstone@pottsville.k12.pa.us
Mindy Zimerofsky Administrative Assistant Superintendent Office 570-621-2908 mzimerofsky@pottsville.k12.pa.us
Britttany Stevenosky Accounts Payable / ACCESS Business Office 570-621-2991 bstevenosky@pottsville.k12.pa.us
Charlotte Allar Special Education Secretary Business Office 570-621-2917 callar@pottsville.k12.pa.us